The Great Goal, the Lovely Goal

Commissioned by the Olsok Committee of Lom Municipality. Edvard Grieg in the mountains of Norway – told in his own words. A monologue, performed at Bygdemuseet, Olsok 2017.


A Man Came Down From the Ridge

Commissioned by Sarpsborg Municipality to mark the 1000-year anniversary of the town’s founding. A one-act drama about the history of the region, with specially composed electronic music. Premiere: Sarpsborg Scene, November 2016. New production 2017 as part of the St. Olaf Festival in Sarpsborg.



Munch’s Mothers

Commissioned by Fredrikstad Municipality. A one-act drama about Edvard Munch.


Fists and Bullets

Commissioned by Vestfold Festspillene (Vestfold Arts Festival). A light-hearted drama about Edvard Munch’s years in the coastal town of Åsgårdstrand. An outdoor performance, the audience walking between locations, starting and ending at Munch’s house.



Castraksjon – Bendik Riis

Commissioned by Østfold Teater. A full-length drama about the troubled life of artist artist Bendik Riis. The largest production to date for Østfold's professional theatre.

Premiere Oct. 15th 2010. On tour in October and November to large theatres in Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, Askim, Moss, Halden, and Oslo.



Winter Journey

Commissioned by Østfold County Council. One-act drama that realizes the mythological world view that modern research has read into Bronze Age rock carvings.


Day of Shadows

Commissioned by St. Olaf’s Festival, Sarpsborg for the opening of Opstad Heritage Site. A monologue about the people who might have settled at this Bronze Age site.



Blue Mountain

Opera libretto commissioned by The Norwegian Wind Ensemble. Produced by Festspillene i Bergen (Bergen International Festival), performed at Ultimafestivalen, Oslo, October 2007. CD on Bridge Records label, New York, 2008. New productions in USA, including University of Connecticut, 2013.  The work is a chamber opera about Grieg’s final days, based on my drama Blåmannen (below).


2002 – 2006


Three actors and three musicians who were willing to throw themselves into a topical, satirical sketch show - the whole thing written and rehearsed in 3 days!



A full-length drama about heritage and influence in art, as told through the extraordinary story of Edvard Grieg’s final days. Produced at Bibliotekets Aula, Fredrikstad.


Commissioned by Fredrikstad Municipality. Dramatic scenes from the history of a city, to mark the new millennium.



Birkekronen (The Crown of Birch)

Commissioned by Hedekas teaterselskap, Bohuslän, Sweden. A historical drama about King Sverre and his warriors.



Heia Bjørn! Du er gutten! (Come on, Bjørn! You Can Do It!)

A monologue about cultural collisions, produced by Østfold teater. Staged at Askim Teaterfestival in 1996 and at the University Theatre in Trondheim in 1997 during the Ski World Cup.



Singing the Dream of Kalland

Prize-winning radio play. Produced by BBC RADIO. A story of an author’s divided personality.


Bakom synger fjellene

Drama-documentary for NRK TV (45 mins). An exploration of the connections to Norway of English composer Frederick Delius.