BENDIK and ÅROLILJA : reviews

‘Andrew Boyle's story of Riis' days prior to his first shock therapy gives a robust account of the artist’s failing grasp on reality. An eccentric piece about an eccentric person, which grips and engages as it also informs and entertains.’

Kristine AndreassenFredriksstad Blad

‘Andrew Boyle has dived deep under the surface of Bendik Riis' personality and the facts of his unhappy fate. The piece is a worthy monument to a man who could not find his place in society.’

Ernst RolfDemokraten

‘A piece which, through a well-fashioned script, displays a desire to grasp how this man managed to relate to the world around him. In the auditorium the audience took to themselves the opportunity for reflection, having experienced a production which underpinned a strong story with good technical solutions.’

Ingeborg MalterudMoss Avis