‘ Delius and Norway ’ 

(published by The Boydell Press, summer 2017)

After five years of research and writing, Delius and Norway  was published by The Boydell Press in June 2017. On the flyleaf, I used this quote from a Delius letter of 1918:

‘I should never think of settling too far from my beloved Norway & the light summer nights & all the poetry & melancholy of the Northern summer & the high mountain plateaus where humans are rare & more individual than in any other country in the world; & where they also have deeper & more silent feelings than any other people.’

The book was warmly reviewed! here are some quotes: 

get a copy – and get totally absorbed!   Sounds Magazine

The whole book is written with the love, poetry and insight that Delius’s music deserves    BBC Music Magazine


superbly produced and eminently readable     MusicWeb International


compelling and image-kindling pages – illuminated by revelatory new insights – the lively topic and sparkling writing ensure an unprecedented volume of high worth   Spirited

penetrating and satisfyingly readable – perceptive insights   CoScan – Confederation of Scandinavian Societies


enlightening and enthralling   British Music Magazine

Two full reviews can be read here and here

Delius and Norway
is a study of the vital role that Norway played in the life and work of composer Frederick Delius. Norway was a primary source of inspiration for Delius: 20 summers of his adult life were spent there, and almost 40 works express his experiences of Norwegian nature or were composed to Norwegian texts. Although his attachment to Norway was at the core of Delius’s creative life, this book is the first comprehensive study of the influence the country and its artists had on the composer.

It includes significant new material regarding Delius’s friendships with Edvard Munch, Edvard Grieg and Knut Hamsun. Previously unknown visits to Norway are detailed, as are close ties to a whole raft of Norwegian artists and political figures that have never previously been documented. For the first time, Delius’s alter ego is uncovered, several mythologies regarding the composer are clarified, and the Norwegian background to some of his most well-known works is considered.

The Delius that emerges from these pages is little known: a driven and energetic personality and an artist searching for a language with which to express the existential crisis facing modern man in the early twentieth century. 


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The cover photo is a painting in the National Gallery (Oslo) by Johannes Flintoe, Fra Jotunheimen, Hurrungane.

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