Editor: Ann-Jorid Pedersen.

Published in both English and Norwegian, this book was a commission intended to provide visitors to Østfold County with the latest archaeological thinking about the sensational rock carvings of the region.

Is it possible to decode the mysterious pictures that were carved in Østfold’s granite 3000 years ago? Who built the fascinating circles of standing stones? Great advances have been made recently in our understanding of prehistoric Scandinavia, and these astonishing new discoveries are at the heart of Ships of the Sun.

Far from being isolated in the far north, southern Norway took part in a great pan-European flowering of culture. From the Middle East to the Oslo Fjord people shared a common sun religion and similar rituals. Chieftains travelled far and wide to find and share knowledge. And on the granite outcrops of the Østfold coast they carved their stories of the Ships of the Sun.

Not only does this guidebook invite visitors on a round trip of Bronze Age Østfold, explaining 3000 year old mysteries along the way, it includes also a novella, maps, a glossary and other recommended attractions.