ANDREW J. BOYLE was born in Glasgow into an Irish-Scots family. He has lived most of his life in Norway.

He is a prize-winning dramatist and his theatrical works have been staged in the UK by the BBC, in Norway by Bergen International Festival, Østfold Teater, Vestfold Festival, Ultima Festival, Sarpsborg Arts Week, Fredrikstad Municipality, St. Olaf Festival,  and in Sweden by Hedekas Municipality.

Boyle has been a member of the Norwegian Playwrights’ Guild since 2001.

Away from the stage, his writing has been published in Norway and the UK, including Delius and Norway (The Boydell Press, 2017) and a guide to the Bronze Age in Norway’s south, commissioned by Østfold County, Ships of the Sun.

Boyle is a popular guest speaker, recent engagements including talks for the National Museum in Oslo, the Bergen Philharmonic, and the Literature Festival in Fredrikstad.

He is bi-lingual. For 20 years he was Arts Editor and leader writer of the Norwegian local daily Demokraten. He has also for many years been a conductor of choirs and bands.